1 . 6 . 2018

Toyama - Copenhagen



We are honoured to have received a grand from Statens Kunstfond to be able to have travelled to Japan. We have met many devoted craftsmen who took years, learning, from generation to generation, to develop the skills they have now.


We came to Japan to meet the  traditions in crafts and to be apprentices at Peter Ivy.


In our time in Japan, we travelled to meet craftsmen and the Japanese  culture. We would like to thank all the kind people we have met and helped us in these last three months.


For the coming months we will continue to work on our research from Japan to be able to show you our results at Gallery A. Petersen here in Copenhagen, opening this fall.




1 . 4 . 2018

Toyama - Japan



We are honoured to have received a grand from Statens Kunstfond to travel to Japan. We will be apprentices at Peter Ivy's Studio in Toyama and will travel around Japan meeting craftsman and learn the traditions the Island has to offer.


We look forward returning to Denmark and open an exhibition about our research on the soils we will collect during our travels and our Japanese glass types. Our aim is to find a more 'ceramic' expression in the material, narrating it is more or less a material straight from the earth.





1 . 12 . 2017

Crafts Magazine


We are pleased to inform you that our flasks are mentioned and to be seen in the latest issue of Crafts Magazine referring to the colour-palette available from nature.


Our flasks are part of the Ceramics and its Dimensions exhibition traveling around Europe. After Stoke-on-Trent they are now on its way to the Bröhan-Museum in Berlin, opening January 27th.



7 . 10 . 2017

Bornholm World Craft Region



Producing liquid glasses and glass blocks for Creative Food Studio that will open their doors at the Dutch Design Week 21. - 29. October 2017.

Masterchef finalist Naresh Ramdjas and fashionduo AnoukxVera kindly invite you to a gastronomical food experience and exposition which adheres to the principle of the new “experimental dining” movement in the culinary landscape.


Consider yourself an explorer and experience how the boundaries between food and design fade and the two components blend together and form a visual spectacle.